Creating a custom page

A great way to provide extra content for your e-Store is to create a custom page.  You can add additional information about the history of your business, or provide supplemental product information.  Below you will find the procedures on how to setup a custom page, as well as some additional options for it:

Creating a custom page

1. Log into your e-Store Control Panel
2. Select the Home tab
3. Make sure “Advanced Mode” is set to on.  If it is not, click the text, which will turn it on
4. Press the Content tab
5. Select Custom Pages from the category bar to the left
6. Press the New button
7. Add your information, as shown below:

8. Press the Save Changes button

Now when you go to your store front, you will see the custom page link at the bottom, as shown below:

Note: If you would like to hide this link, uncheck "Show in Bottom Menu" at the bottom of the Edit Custom Page window.

Adding images

To add images into your custom page, please click on the following link, and proceed from Step 7.

Adding Images

Adding hyperlinks

To add hyperlinks to your custom page, please do the following:

1. In the Edit Custom Page menu, highlight the text you want to create a link, then press the Create Link icon, as shown below:

2. Enter your URL

3. Press OK

Note: If you would like to add a URL of one of your products, navigate to the product in the front end of your e-Store, copy the URL in your address bar (as shown below), and paste it into the URL field on step 2.

Adding HTML

To add HTML into your custom page, press the HTML tab at the bottom the content window, and then paste your HTML code into the window, as shown below:

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