How to verify your website with Google

1. Go to
2. Log into your Google account
3. In the Choose verification method list, select Upload an HTML file

You will be prompted provided with a file name (for example, google11e5844324b7354e.html).  Copy this file name down.

4. Go to Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Notepad
5. Go to File -> Save As
6. In the File Name field, enter the file name that Google provided (for example, google11e5844324b7354e.html).
7. Save the file to your desktop
8. Go to your desktop
9. Right-click on the new file (for example, google11e5844324b7354e.html), Select Copy
10. On your computer, press Start -> Run

Note: Vista users just need to press their Start button and enter Step 11 in their "Start Search" bar, which is right above their Start button.

11. Type in "explorer.exe" (without the quotes)

Note: For, enter the name and extension of your website

12. Press OK
13. When prompted, enter your username and password, as shown below

14. Press Log On
15. Double-click the httpdocs folder

Note: If you don't see this folder, double-click the wwwroot folder

16. Right-click in the window, select Paste 

This should upload the file.  If not, repeat Step 9.

17. Go back to
18. Sign back in (if necessary)
19. Click the Verify button

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