Setting up inventory levels

Depending on your store needs, you may have to setup inventory levels for certain products.  For example, if you are selling limited edition artwork, you may need to specify you have a total of 150 pieces.  For instructions on how to setup inventory levels, please do the following:

1. Log into your e-Store Control Panel
2. From the Home tab, make sure “Advanced Mode” is set to on.  If it is not, click the text, which will turn it on
3. Select the Manage tab
4. Select Set Inventory Levels from the category bar to the left
5. Press the Find button to display a list of your products
6. Under the Action column, select "Set To" from the drop-down list for a particular product
7. Under the Quantity column, type in the available quantity for the product, as shown below:

8. When finished, press the Save Changes button

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